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Why Kraken?

There are a number of advantages to being involved in the Kraken System.  Our strong, memorable, and reputable brand identity naturally gives Kraken Franchisees a huge advantage when it comes to securing and maintaining client relationships.  It is a hard concept to grasp but over the annual period we have more work than we can handle and in the summer of 2020 some 86 new leads went unserviced.  Keep in mind that’s missed 86 opportunities to provide clients with:.

  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Pest spraying
  • Lawn mowing

Not just once but two, three, four times a year for many years to come!

Kraken Property Services is a lifestyle business.  Be your own boss, working your own hours, and with the opportunity to build without limit – and with endless support and backup from an established, proven system. A brand you can trust since 2020.

The Kraken, for all its size, is still a personal business. Kraken Property Services is owned 100% by Leigh, who works daily in the business.  Every Franchisee is given Leigh’s personal email and contact number and invited to call him any time to discuss any issue.

At Kraken Property Services We Work for You!  We treat customers like royalty, as Franchisees you are our customers and get the very best help and support.

There are great benefits to being part of the Kraken: Strong Name; good reputation; proven system; ongoing support; training; options to grow; great network for help and much more.

6 Reasons to go with The Kraken

A Healthy, outdoor lifestyle

The outdoor life is an Australian tradition, from mountain cattlemen to growing up in a sea side suburban back yard.  So for many Australians, nothing beats a job involving work in the open air.  The smell of cut grass and the distant rumble of the ocean, the satisfaction of turning dirty windows into shimmering panes of magic, the pride in a job well done.  Every day is different as our Franchisees learn and apply new skills: pure water window cleaning, pressure washing a drive way, applying a non toxic pest spray, lawn mowing a pleasing checkered pattern, and feel strength and fitness increase as they work off those surplus kilos and become completely a led in their new skill set.

Many people would prefer to spend their days sitting in an air conditioned office.  Kraken Property Services is a business for those who don’t.


Being outside also means independence, working the hours you want.  These can be long and hard, especially in the warmer months when the big push towards Christmas comes on.  But it can also mean taking the afternoon off to attend a son’s football match or play 18 holes of golf, taking a holiday when it suits you rather than the boss.  This kind of freedom requires self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.  We are looking for people who are self-motivated, who take responsibility for their learning and development and want to be rewarded for their efforts.

Backing this up is an intense, week-long training course which covers not only practical subjects such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning and lawn mowing, but sessions on quoting, up-selling, book-keeping, computer systems, health and safety, and customer service.

Plentiful Work

It is well known that most business fail in their first year, especially in the service industry.  By contrast, 88% of our Franchisees are still in business at the end of their first year, with most of the rest selling for a good price, and many of those who leave do so for family or personal reasons, rather than poor income.  One reason is that we are, on the whole, very good at finding work.  Many Franchisees start with an established round, and those who do not get a Work Availability Guarantee which pays up to $1500 per week for doing free promotional work.  Unlike most such guarantees, this one does not cut out after a set period.  In practice, most Franchisees never claim since work is plentiful from the beginning.

Customer Service

We recognise that success is a decision that each person makes for themselves.  A Franchisee will fail, or can even be terminated, if they fail to offer excellent service to customers.  One reason for our success is that more than 80% of our leads are driven by reputation and referral, rather than advertising as such.  We have a careful selection process, and every Franchisee must live up to our exacting standards.  What this means is that for people with high standards, this is a place to be surrounded by others who share their standards.

Ongoing Support

At Kraken Property Services we put Franchisees first, and this is more than a slogan.  Franchisees are entitled to regular meetings, fast response to their calls, and regular pro-active calls to provide coaching and advice.  We poll Franchisees each year to check that proper service is being provided, and Franchisees with problems are invited to go direct to our founder, Leigh Roberts.  He regularly gives out his personal phone numbers and Email address, and typically speaks to several Franchisees a week.  Kraken Property Services is the only Franchise system in the world that allows Franchisees to change to another Franchisor or even vote them out, if not happy with the service they receive.

Support also comes from fellow Franchisees, who are normally generous with help and advice.  Our people are also encouraged to attend meetings and network with Franchisees of other Divisions.  Some Franchisees gain more than half of their work in this way.

Build your Future

One unique feature of Kraken Property Services is that a Franchise can grow to any size.  There are no restrictions on the number of workers to be employed or vehicles on the road, and Franchisees have turned over up to a million dollars a year.